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with test cases management tool made for pro

Why does SQA Mate exist?

   If you are a kind of person who hates doing useless work and has a lot of stuff to do, then I believe that you will find SQA Mate test cases management tool very helpful.

   From the very beginning SQA Mate was designed as a mate, as an assistant, as a helping hand, as a shoulder of colleague. And that's why this tool is not about test cases management! It's about your work being done: about delivering quality software as fast as possible, spending less time and energy on scaffolding: on test cases design and test cases management.

   — Alexey Sotskov, SQA Mate developer.

What customers say:

   During my work experience several times I faced the problem of choosing test management system. There’re a lot of them: on the one hand too expensive and too overloaded with functionality that is rarely needed, and on the other hand open source, that is sometimes really hard to use. And among of these systems there’s SQA Mate. Quite simple, with all main functions that testers need: test case editor, that allows to write test cases very fast, test case viewer and runner, reports and custom plugins that allow you simply customize your test system to satisfy your requirements.

   As a teacher of QA School I really recommend this tool for newcomers to our profession, not to be lost in a huge number of functions and focus on test design. And as a qualified test engineer with more than 8 years of experience I also recommend this tool to the experienced colleagues to save a lot of time on writing and editing test cases.

— Raisa Lipatova, QA Lead, Nexign Inc.

   We have started new project and decided to try several test management solutions. Criteria was simple - lightweight, easy to create and update cases, simple reports and mostly manual cases.

   We were using three different test management systems at once, trying to understand which one is used often and allows us to complete same tasks faster. SQA Mate won this competition. Open welcome screen and take a look on guides. Case editor is fancy - it allows to write good cases in a moment, execution takes just two steps to update the result and read the report.

   SQA Mate is continuously developing, providing new features. After 7 months we have 230+ test cases, 8 releases and a strong attunement to continue using this test management system.

— Konstantin Chirkov, Senior QA, DINS

   If you're having doubts, what test case management tool to use, I would recommend to try SQA-mate.

   This tool is the right choise for those, who want easy tool which helps to achieve results, not just organize test case management.

   Quite bold statement, but as the user of SQA Mate, I trust you, this tool will help you to:
   - organize test cases in a convenient way;
   - add test cases quickly, using a super easy to understand domain markup language;
   - search and maintain cases fast.

   In my opinion SQA Mate have everything you need for increasing your efficiency, and all thoose things, which steal time are thrown out from this wonderfull tool. Also, if you have any idea, how to customize and improve SQA Mate, you could write plugin. But, to be honest, it have all I really need in my work.

— Alexander Vasilenko, QA Automation, Nordigy Ltd.